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Frequently asked questions

3. What does the MR Diagnostics Incubator System nomag®IC Advanced  consist of?

The standard system consists of the MR incubator, a trolley with uninterruptible power supply for intra-hospital transport and a multichannel head array coil.

2. Which MR-coils are available?

Currently, depending on the MRI manufacturer, head array coils with 8 or 16 channels are available. The current compatibilities with the 1.5T or 3T magnetic resonance tomographs are available upon request.

Body array coil: The 12-channel body array coil is suitable for examining the abdomen, heart and spinal column. The coil is made up of two parts: The first part featuring 8 channels is integrated in the patient surface and the second part featuring 4 channels is placed above the patient on a coil holder. The body array coil is approved for 1.5T and 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging scanners from GE, Philips and Siemens.

3. On which MRI can the nomag®IC Advanced  be used?

The current compatibilities are available upon request.

4. Is it possible to use foreign MR-coils with the MR Diagnostics Incubator System nomag®IC Advanced ?

No. Only MR-coils supplied by LMT may be used. These MR-coils are specially designed for the incubator climate and are approved for compatibility with the MR incubator.

5. Which patient sizes is the nomag®IC Advanced  suitable for?

The nomag®IC advanced is suitable for newborn and premature babies weighing up to 4,500 g and a maximum body length of around 55 cm.

6. Is it possible to use the MR-coils on different MR-scanners?

Yes, as long as they are the same scanner type and the compatible software is installed at every scanner. Every coil is coordinated to the requirements of the relevant scanner manufacturer and the field strength.

7. Is it possible to use the nomag®IC Advanced  3.0T on a 1.5T MRI scanner?

Yes, the nomag® IC advanced 3.0T can be used for both, on 1.5T and 3.0T MRI scanners, thanks to its special design. However, it must be combined with the MR coil, which is appropriate for the scanner type and the field strength.

8. Can the entire system be wheeled into the MR-room?

Yes. The MR incubator, trolley and gas supply can be wheeled into the MR-room.

9. Can the trolley remain in the MR-room during examinations?

Yes. However, it has proven to be advantageous to park the trolley outside of the MR-room during the examination.

10. How is an examination performed by using the MR Diagnostics Incubator System nomag®IC Advanced ?

The entire preparation of the patient (relocation, exchange of monitoring, etc.) is performed on the NICU. This is followed by transport to the radiology ward and a MRI examination. After the examination, the patient is brought back from the radiology ward to the NICU, where they are again relocated to the in-patient incubator.

11. How is the patient protected from the high noise level during the MR examination?

Thanks to the MR incubator, the noise level inside of the patient room is lowered by around 12 – 15 dB (A). The additional use of ear protection (MiniMuffs®) means that a total reduction of up to 20 dB (A) is achieved.

12. Is it possible to use the nomag®IC Advanced  for transport in a helicopter or aeroplane?

The nomag® IC advanced is currently not suitable for transports outside of the hospital.

13. Should the patient receive a general anaesthetic for the MR examination?

Over the last 8 years, users of the MR incubator system in a clinical context have no longer considered a general anaesthetic as being necessary for performing the MR examination in the nomag®IC Advanced . Thanks to the stable climate, the noise reduction and all precautionary measures being taken on the NICU, the entire examination can be performed without a general anaesthetic. In the case of very small patients, it has proven very helpful to immobilise their feet directly before the examination. Larger and/or older newborns may require mild sedation.

14. Is it possible to order the nomag®IC Advanced  without the trolley?

No. The components of the MR transport incubator are not available separately.

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