Precise Recordings from the Body

Thanks to the magnet resonance imaging, it is possible examine the whole human body. Soft parts such as the brain and the internal organs are particularly easy to identify on an MRI picture.

The exact examination of the brain is particularly important for newborn and premature babies. Their brains are not yet fully developed and are very sensitive and they are at high risk of suffering from a brain hemorrhage. The lungs and the hearts of premature babies are also often not yet optimally developed.

Thanks to nomag® IC, exact MRI-diagnostics can be carried out. Possible brain damage or illnesses of the internal organs can be quickly recognized and the optimal therapy can be directly put in place.

Example MRI Images

MRI Images of Newborns

Neugeborenes 2

age: 28 days
weight: 3,670 g
head circumf.: 38 cm
gestational period:
40 weeks

diagnosis: external hydrocephalus with atrophy of temporal areas

Neugeborenes 3

age: 3 months 4 days
weight: 3,100 g
head circumf.: 34 cm
gestational period:
31 weeks

diagnosis: communicating hydrocephalus. Cerebral cystic encephalomalacia

Neugeborenes 4

age: 2months 25 days
weight: 6,400 g
Head circumf.: 40 cm
Gestational period:
41 weeks

diagnosis: cerebral leukomalacia with cystic gliosis degeneration

Neugeborenes 5

age: 2.5 months
weight: 2,420 g
head circumf.: 37 cm
gestational period:
32 weeks

diagnosis: Dandy–Walker malformation. Posterior cranial fossa cyst. Corpus callosum agenesis.

Image of a 4 day-old newborn (m)

Weight: 1,000 g
Taken from a GE Signa 1.5T system using the Neonate Head Coil at Erasmus MC (Sophia), Rotterdam.

Seq: SE
TR: 2900ms
TE: 30ms
Gap: 4mm
Thick: 4mm
Flip: 90°

Seq: SE
TR: 2900ms
TE: 30ms
Gap: 4mm
Thick: 4mm
Flip: 90°

Seq: GR
TR: 15.72ms
TE: 7.45ms
Gap: 1mm
Thick: 2mm
Flip: 20°

High resolution MRI Image of a Newborn`s Body

Taken from a Siemens 3.0T system, courtesy of Clinical Hospital Center, Zagreb, Croatia