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Everything for the MRI

LMT offers a wide range of accessory parts for the MR Diagnostics Incubator System nomag®IC advanced. The most important thing is the MR-conditional* ventilation (babyPAC100). Because with many premature babies, the small lungs are not yet fully developed and must be artificially helped to breath. The breathing assistance is further guaranteed by nomag®IC advanced with the Pneupac® babyPAC 100.

* according to ASTM F2503-08

Optimal Oxigen Supply

The ventilation device is pneumatically driven and allows for immediate auxiliary breathing and resuscitation.

The handling of the device is easy: the ventilation device is placed directly on the MR Diagnostics Incubator System nomag®IC advanced. During transport to Radiology and in the MRI, the oxygen supply to the premature baby is guaranteed for the entire time. The ventilation device is MR-conditional*.

A particular feature is the unique gas mixing system. Because of this, the volume of the gas cylinder is increased making longer transport times possible. Within a compact housing, the ventilation device offers all functions which are necessary to control and monitor the ventilation parameters.

* according to ASTM F2503-08


  • suitable for patients from 0 - 20 kg
  • CPAP, IMV, integrated O2 -Blender


Pneupac® and babyPAC™ are trademarks of Smiths Medical

LMT Incucap®

LMT IncuCap® is a cover designed for the MR Diagnostics Incubator System nomag®IC for better protection and higher patient comfort.


  • Permanently anti-microbial due to tiny silver ions in the textile fibre
  • Noise insulation thanks to special 3-layer functional knitted fabric; slip-resistant; keeps the cover in shape permanently
  • Highly elastic, breathable and non-translucent membrane
  • Low own weight
  • Flexible access by means of 3 side tabs and a top tab
  • Tailor-produced high-tex material washable at up to 95°C and suitable for tumble drying
  • Tested and certified according to Öko-Tex® Standard 100
  • Made in Germany

Washing instructions

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